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Do I have to activate the air bag?
No. The vest is activated automatically by the coiled wire (tubing) within one second of the rider falling off.
Which parts of the body will be protected by the vest?
The neck, the upper front part of the body and the lumbar vertebra are protected by the activation of the vest.
Is the vest reusable even after a fall?
YES. Unless damaged the vest is reusable, only the cartridge needs to be replaced after activation and the key ball reinserted into the activation mechanism. However, you need to carefully check if the system has been damaged on impact.
Can the cartridges be refilled?
No. The bottom of the cartridge is destroyed during the use and cannot be refilled.
How heavy is the vest?
Approx. 1.5 kg
What happens if I forget to detach the coiled wire before dismounting?
Taking your ‘seatbelt’ off is a routine that most people are used to as drivers, however, as soon as the coiled wire stretches to its limit the vest will activate. If the size of the rider and the height of the horse are not set carefully then the vest will needlessly be activated. Care must be taken by the rider to unclip the coiled wire before dismounting.