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Hit-air it's all about safety

Equestrian sports are always seen as a craze among adults and even in children. And getting injured during this fun is yet another common sight. Though you may have received enough training, still we end up in serious injuries.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of horse riding clothing and equipment is the riding helmet, and a riding hat is the single most important piece of equipment which every rider should own. Riding hats are designed to protect your head in the event of a fall or impact, and your hat is the only thing that potentially stands between you and a serious head injury in the case of a fall.

Horse riding coats and jackets are generally much more hardwearing than street wear, and may offer extra padding at the elbows, vents for comfort and a better range of movement.

The Hit-Air airbag system has been successfully in use since 1985. The Hit-Air airbag vests are produced by Mugen Denko Co Ltd in Japan. They introduced the Hit-Air airbag system in 1985 and have a proven safety record. Hit-Air is market leader with their vests sold in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

Activating the vest accidently rarely happens, even if you should forget to disconnect the lanyard, because to activate the airbag a minimum of 35 kg is necessary. So if you do forget to disconnect yourself from your saddle or horse cart the airbag will not blow up, but the cord will only pull you back, reminding you to disconnect. Riders will get used to the clip-on/clip-off system very quickly.

Feel safe and enjoy your ride without feeling suffocated by a tight body protector! The vest wears nicely and the big advantage above a standard body protector is that you don't feel as a knight on your horse due to the stiffness of your body protector. The system fits your body as a glove and is suitable for every part of the equestrian sport.

The airbag vest activates the moment you fall in less than a second and protects your body from the neck to the coccyx.

The vest is reusable even after a fall. Just wipe of the sand and replace the CO2-cartridge. The cartridge can be easily changed.

The airbag vest will make you feel save and you won't even notice wearing it.